EU size

What causes the most problem with shopping for clothes online?

Sizes of course.

The good news is: You can control it.

There are many size system created based on location of the brands (Europe, America, Japan, Asia...)- as an international shopper, you need to address your size in each system to make sure your purchase to be a success.

At DK SANSAN & GISY, we use a size system which is converted from EU size system. Why? Because one of our main designers is a Dutch guy, and we have been doing business with Europe for quite a while.

If you are not a European and you don't know your EU size, don't be worry. You can use this chart below to address your size easily using the easy-to-access infomation like your height, weight, bra size and jeans size:


Still not sure about your size? Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team by email to or call +84 243 219 1706.

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