Who are we?

“The man- GIJS VOOGT, 1973,  from Breda, the Netherlands, quit his art school to become a sailor and the woman- Tran Thi Hai Yen (YEN VOOGT), 1984, from Hanoi, Vietnam, quit her diplomacy & journalism school to become a fashion designer. They met in 2009 and set up the brand GISY in 2011, same year with their marriage. GISY (which stands for "Gijs IS Yen") is a real combination of cultures and "can be lack of everything but not authenticity".

With the birth of their daughter (Mees G.V. Voogt), they became obsessed with "making something worth for the children to inherit", that was when the mandalas came in. "A mandala is a simplified universe, we condense concepts into art work under mandala form so that for hundreds of years later every time you look at a mandala, you'll see another aspect of the theme"

Each mandala took months to create from start to finish. In 2017, in total they only could make 6 mandalas: Metal, Tree, Water, Fire, Earth and Vietnam.

Till now, they have been printed these mandala on amazing silk and embroidered on 100% cotton linen fabric to make scarves, clothes and pillowcases, but their product category is still broadening by time.” (V.H. Bui- Journalist)

Why 100% silk?

Silk is the only natural fiber which has the capacity of body temperature conditioning (in easy words: make cool when hot and make warm when cold), it sucks sweat faster than cotton and most importantly dry much faster than cotton. This is exactly the essential factor: your kid sleeps in a cotton bag, when he/she sweats, the bag sucks up the sweat but stay wet for quite a long period of time, you kid ends up catching a cold. On the other side, your kid sleeps in a silk bag, the bag sucks up sweats immediately and dry soon after which keeps your kid away from catching a cold.

Thinking it is hard to believe? Are cocoons made to protect the super soft and weak baby silk worms? If cocoons cannot condition body temperature, you knew it, there will be no butterfly flying around anymore!

Why mandalas?

After our daughter M. Voogt was born, we were obsessed with creating something which people can pass it to their next generation. In human history, only the culture symbols (like numbers and letters) are things which can be passed through lives. We thought about condensed a concept/ a theme into mandala patterns, then print or embroider them on home decors and clothing, so that every time you look at a mandala, you will see another aspect of the concept/ theme you chose.

Every single mandala takes months from the first sketch till finish. We also copyrighted them under GISY brand name.

Every product embellished with a mandala will come along with a card which explains the particular theme. Every mandala records our inspiration, our point of view and a part of our lives.

“Every mandala is a small universe.” Mandalas are spiritual symbols which used for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction, now embroidered on our silk sleeping bags to wrap kids in a peaceful and static atmosphere.


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